This is not another bar tending competition

MH Assemblage Switzerland aims at gathering top bar tenders in Switzerland to create a strong community in the country. Sharing, bonding and exchanging about a common passion of mixology, this is what this mixology challenge is about.

Stay tuned for the next edition – MH Assemblage Switzerland 2020!

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What is MH Assemblage? 

In a few words, the MH (Moët Hennessy) Assemblage Switzerland is a day-long event where the best bartenders in Switzerland are gathered to learn the latest trends in mixology, and compete through a challenge at the end of the day.

MH Assemblage is all about:

  • Creating and nurturing the first professional community in the Mixology industry with the best Bar Tenders in Switzerland

  • Gathering for one day with like-minded professionals

  • Attending exclusive workshops led by top International Barmen about world wide innovative trends in Mixology

  • Applying the knowledge gathered throughout the day in a challenge


  • Become the next MH Assemblage Advocate
  • Win your spot to the regional MH Assemblage workshop organized in Austria (3 Days)

Are you interested to joint the next edition of MH Assemblage Switzerland? Leave us your contact information and we will contact you next year!


After the success of its first edition, Moët Hennessy Switzerland is pleased to announce the winners of the MH Assemblage in Switzerland. For this exclusive competition, Maisons Hennessy, Belvedere Vodka, Glenmorangie and Ardbeg invited the most talented bartenders to compete. This competition consisted in the creation of a high-precision cocktail according to an imposed theme. In front of the jury, the competitors presented their creations and inspirations.

The winners of the 2019 edition are:

  1. Spiros PLATNARIS (Lucerne - Weisse Schaf)

  2. Nils ZURCHER (Flying Bartenders)

  3. Marlon TORRES (Lausanne - Cipriano)

  4. Marie GERBER (Andermatt - Chedi Andermatt)

These four winners are now the Advocates of MH Assemblage in Switzerland. They will have the opportunity to join MH's assembly workshop in Austria. With the Austrian team, they will be introduced to the new trends in mixology in Mario Hofferer's laboratory. A second immersion in Champagne is planned for September 2019.


The Application form will be available at the begin of 2020. Please leave us your contact details and we will contact you as soon as the application is open again. In order to apply to the MH Assemblage Switzerland, you have to complete the new application form by sending a short presentation of yourself and your passion for mixology, and fill in the fields with your personal and contact details.

The Jury will evaluate the applications and nominate participants who will be invited to participate to the MH Assemblage Switzerland. The selected participants will receive an invitation via email.